Solid State Hard Drives – Upgrade Your Computer NOW!

June 22, 2015

Sold State Hard Drives are here and more importantly they are finally affordable. If you haven’t thought about upgrading your current computer to a new Solid State Drive (SSD) then here are some great reasons why now is the time. solid state hard drive omaha

If your computer is still using a the old motorized style hard drive, upgrading it to a SSD is the single biggest performance upgrade you can give your computer. SSD hard drives perform much faster then a spinning platter based drives because there are no moving parts. Similar to the memory in your camera or smart phone. After upgrading you will notice a immediate performance increase:

  • The time it takes for your computer to boot up is greatly reduced
  • The time is takes your computer to shut down is greatly increased
  • The read & write times for data is greatly increased
  • Programs you launch open much faster
  • SSD use less power vs. mechanical drives. This means laptop battery life is greatly extended
  • Less power consumption also means less heat produced, which means less hardware failure

SSD hard drives were very expensive in years past. Recently they have become more affordable however the large capacity drives are still a bit pricey. Current SSD prices start around $75.00 and go up depending on capacity. Like any new technology, they prices will continue to fall over time. Almost any brand of SSD (Crucial, Samsung, Transcend, etc.) are highly rated based upon user & test reviews.

Have an older MacBook? iMac? Those are great computers for installing a SSD into. You can really breathe new life into an old computer and watch it perform better then when it was new. Have a newer computer? If it didn’t come with a SSD already installed, now is the perfect time to add it for the long haul.

Contact us for a quote to upgrade your current computer to a Solid State Hard drive. We can copy your current drive data directly to the new SSD or perform a fresh install of your operating system.

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