Windows 10 Problems

March 23, 2016

Windows 10 Problems

What is a Clean Installation?

Windows 10 is coming for your PC whether you like it or not. Its inevitable and resistance is futile. What can you do about it? To avoid error screens, endless reboots, hours of updates and the likely potential of needing a professional repair to salvage your files, you perform a Clean Installation of Windows 10 from the most current software release from Microsoft. windows 10 issues

What you will need:

  • 4GB USB flash drive (any current contents will be erased)
  • The ability to backup your current files (or they will be erased)
  • A active internet connection

A clean installation of windows means your going to erase the entire hard drives contents (or set  up a brand new hard drive). This is the opposite and much more effective method of a upgrade which writes over and around current files. Upgrades in theory should work but with today’s users keeping so many archived files, corrupted applications and other existing problems – performing a clean installation properly is your “silver bullet” one stop fix for all software things ailing your PC.

  1. Visit Microsoft and download the Media Creation Tool
  2. Plug your USB drive into the PC
  3. Run the Media Creation Tool – choose option “create installation media for another PC”.
  4. Let the tool run as it will download files and create a bootable, installation media onto your flash drive (this can take some time to complete)

Once your USB drive is ready you will need to be 100% you have all of files backed up from the current computer. This can be tricky especially for a computer that is unable to boot properly or to someone who doesn’t know how to back up files. Also be sure you have your Outlook emails, contacts, QuickBooks database and other files backed up prior to this.

We are not responsible for any problems or lost data you may experience. Contact Us before you risk losing precious photos and other files. windows 10 media creation tool

Next you will insert your USB drive into your PC and boot to it. How? Each manufacture has a command key that allows you to select a boot device or change the boot order. You may need to
search online and find the proper boot key for your exact model. In addition most newer PC’s are equipped with a “secure boot” feature that makes booting them to external items extra difficult. You need to access the bios and change the secure boot settings to enable USB boot. Tread extra carefully if you access the system bios. You can change numerous settings and possibly leave your PC in a non-working state. If you have any hesitation or concern here, Contact Us to help out.

Once booted to the external USB – you will follow onscreen prompts to install Windows 10 on a blank/new hard drive. You have (2) options with hard drives that have existing data – use Command Prompt to erase the drive or delete each partition via the installation panel. I typically go to advanced installation options and select CMD. Then using the “diskpart” command I “clean” the entire drive. This is fast and effective in preparing a drive for a clean installation. You can also select each partition and “delete” it via the install panel as you follow the onscreen prompts.

Once your drive is clean and you have begun installing windows 10, it will take approx 30 mins to complete. You will be prompted at various times to enter a username, password etc. I NEVER tie a PC to my email address. You can if you like, but should you forget the logon password its not easy to recover it. Instead I recommend skipping the step for “signing in to your Microsoft account” and using a local account name just like Windows XP & 7. Follow all the onscreen prompts and in no time you will land at the desktop ready to go. windows 10 68127 68022

Once your at the desktop of Windows 10 the PC will immediately start looking for driver and software updates. Let it go and accomplish all of this. Its fairly quick and should require minimal time and reboots if you used the most current software release when making your install media. Once your ready, start moving your files back to the computer. Install any 3rd party programs and applications you need. Just be careful your getting all your install media from a trusted source to avoid inadvertently installing malware or worse on your freshly installed operating system.

That is it! Your all set and have a clean install of Windows 10 on your PC. This will cut down tremendously on the various errors, sad face blue screens, lagging updates and missing files that a upgrade process can present. If you need help with Windows 10 or any other PC or Mac related issues please Contact Us to schedule a appointment.

Mention this post and we will complete a full Windows 10 Clean Install for only $99.00+ tax. Expires 6/1/2016




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