Make Your Computer Feel Like New By Upgrading to a SSD Hard Drive

September 7, 2016

Sick of having a computer that seems like it takes for ever to boot up and generally runs slow? Did you recently upgrade to Windows 10 and you’re not happy with the performance of your computer now? If you still have a mechanical hard drive (or you’re not sure), upgrading to a solid state hard drive (SSD) will make your computer boot faster, run faster and overall make it feel new again. Simply put it’s the single most effective way of speeding up your laptop or desktop computer without breaking the bank.

But what is a SSD? In general, SSD are hard drives without any moving parts. It’s like a memory card used in digital cameras. The lack of moving parts allows the data to be transferred on your computer at maximum speeds. Also, because of the lack of moving parts your computer may run quieter and produce less heat.

At Special Touch Computer Repair we have SSD hard drives in stock and ready to sell and would be happy to install one in your computer. Give us a call today.

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