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February 16, 2017

More and more people are becoming Mac faithful owners and users. From the iPhone to the MacBook laptop. One thing is for sure, they are NOT getting any cheaper to buy new. Its no secret Apple is one of, if not the most cash rich company in the world. (Mac Stock Quote).

So what do you do when your $1500+ investment breaks? If your lucky you have Apple Care (Apples Warranty Service) but even then its no guarantee they will fully cover the damage. You can always get a quote from the actual Apple store. Prepare yourself for that. It will most likely end with a sales rep informing you how they “no longer support” your “legacy” “old” “outdated” device you haven’t even had for two years. And that’s when the real fun begins. Have a you seen the new flagship Macbook? Its a mere $2799.00 starting point (HERE).

Unless you’re of the select few people who have the ability to just spray a money hose on your computer problems until they go away, you need a reputable and experienced computer repair shop that can fix your mac at an affordable price. imac macbook repair

Why Special Touch Computer Repair?

  • Honest, professional & experienced with all Mac Models. (ask to see our original 1984 Macintosh with the Steve Jobs signature!)
  • Fast! We quickly diagnose the issues, give you repair vs. replacement options and move forward with any repairs and part ordering immediately.
  • Reputable: We are small Omaha owned business established in 2010. Check out our reviews online! (HERE)
  • Flexibility. We will give you straight forward advice. Whats best for you and your situation not whats best for a billion dollar company.
  • Home and Office support. You can come to our office on 90th and L or we will come to your home or office. Whatever makes the most sense for your situation.

Have questions? Want to tune up your old Mac? Have a pesky computer issue? CONTACT us now to discuss your computer problems.

***Mention this ad for 10% your first service or $50.00 off your next computer purchase from us.

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