Fake Pop-Up Security Scams. Do Not Call!  

April 23, 2018

We get a steady influx of people who were duped into calling fraudulent security hotlines or received a call from someone who acted as a Microsoft/Google representative. All of these types of scams are bad news for you the user but can be avoided. Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed and what to do if you are scammed.

Tip #1 – Microsoft, Google and any reputable computer support company  “do not make unsolicited phone calls to help you fix your computer”. If you’re on the phone with someone claiming to be a “Microsoft Tech Support Agent”, hang up now! Do not ever call one of those pop-up tech support phone numbers. Take a moment and read this lengthy and detailed post from Microsoft explaining these scams and how they work. Click HERE to read.

Tip #2 If you do fall for these scams, your next course of action to fix the problem depends on how much access you gave the scammer. Did you give them your credit card or checking account details? Did you give them access to your computer or network? If you gave them financial details or payment, stop reading this now and don’t walk, run to your bank to alert them of what has happened. Time is now of the essence in preventing a much larger heist and scam at your financial loss. Don’t forget to file a complaint with the FTC about what scam you fell for HERE.

Tip #3 Cleaning your computer. Immediately turn off & leave off your compromised computer. Next, bring it to a professional computer repair center. (Special Touch Computer Repair of course) for a fresh installation of the operating system. This will make sure whatever access the scammer had to your computer is now gone. Any sort of bugs, hacks or viruses they may have implanted on your computer are erased completely. Also, your bank may require a “Certificate of Cleaning” from us in order to restore your funds or help with the fraud investigation etc.

Tip #4 – If all you are experiencing is a pop-up, you may be able to back out safely. First, try closing the tab without actually clicking it. Be careful as some menacing pop-ups activate just by clicking to close it. Try pushing “alt+f4” simultaneously which should close the pop-up. If not try clicking the reboot the computer button as that will close all windows for you without clicking or activating them. Worse case you can hard shut down (hold the power button down) but proceed with caution. This can cause other issues to the computer. I don’t recommend it often but again it may be worth it to avoid a scam. Proceed with this at your own risk.

Tip #5 – There is NO END to the amount of digital scams in this world. Phone, Internet, email, social media etc. If you have data, people want it. Your computer is no different than your wallet. Who do you trust to be in/on it?

Tip #6 – Be proactive. Keep a backup. Keep two backups! One with you and one in the cloud or a fireproof safe etc. Anything that you can’t live without from a computer standpoint should be backed up, insured and accounted for. Ask yourself, do you have: photos, tax forms, emails, valuable software, passwords, videos, bookmarks, resume, work documents and more stored on your computer. Whats it all worth to you? [Click HERE Try Carbonite Cloud Backup for FREE for 15 Days]

Remember: If you have any questions about computer scams or if you have been scammed please don’t hesitate to call and let us help you out! (402) 812-5130

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