Windows 10’s Fall Creators Update Arrives this Month. Are You Ready?

October 9, 2018

Microsoft is at it again. The Fall Creators update is looming for those users who are either waiting for it, don’t know about it or have already suffered the wrath of it. (It was temporarily launched back on October 2nd and failed miserably before being shut down by Microsoft for the time being) The question is, are you ready for it?


What is The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

Windows 10 was launched back on July 29, 2015. Since its release, Windows 10 has been a growing operating system. What this means is although its name may remain Windows 10 not 11 or 12 etc., the version of Windows 10 you have varies and changes greatly. The updates that accompany Windows can be anywhere from simple and minor to large and major (Cumulative). They could be simple security updates or large operating system changes that put your functionality and more importantly your files at risk. When it works properly it can add many new features to your computers operating system while removing or retiring other old features. For a complete list of what the 2018 October Fall Creators Update will add or remove please visit:


Why Should You Care?

These Spring and Fall “Creators” or “Cumulative” updates are known for causing many issues for users. From corrupted operating systems, lost files, over stressed hardware failure and driver incompatibility and so on. In our repair shop we always see a huge up tick of repairs around the time these Creators/Cumulative updates take place. Like anything the more proactive you can be to these updates vs. reactive will definitely help you understand and reduce possible issues with your computers. While no perfect calendar of the future Windows 10 updates from Microsoft exists (to our knowledge), here is a link to the one we found most helpful in planning for future updates:


What Should You Do?

Backup. Then backup your backups. We cannot stress backing up your data enough. Too many clients of ours from general home users to businesses have little to no backup. They see no value for it until its too late. They worry that “the cloud” is going to steal their identity or data. They make no time for it until all is lost. They won’t spend any money on it until its priceless. There are no magic wands to bring your data back once it’s gone. No matter how much money you’re willing to spend on it after the fact. Back your data up right now! Live by the rule of 2’s. If you have one backup, you really have none. If you have two backups you really have one and so on.

Stay up to date. Stop hitting the snooze or ask me later buttons. Make time for these updates. Really this is for any operating system not just windows 10. Make sure you’re not in the middle of a project, watching Netflix or doing homework. Give the computer all the time and resources it needs to complete the updates properly. Depending on the power of your computer, (Processor, Ram, Solid State Hard Drive) the exact time it takes to install updates will vary. Try to run your updates over the weekend or in the evening after work, school etc. Do this often and keep up to date so when these large updates come in, your computer isn’t playing catch up with prior updates in addition to the new ones. This creates a huge bottleneck that will only worsen things for you.


How to Check for and Run Updates on Windows 10:

  • Press (Windows Key & S) at the same time, this opens the search tab. Enter the word “Settings” and click it.
  • From the settings menu select “Update & Security”
  • Now in the Updates menu click “Check for Updates”

From there it will basically check for and install any available updates on its own. You will be prompted to reboot if needed. Continue running the update process until you see “You’re Up to Date”. Remember that being up to date doesn’t last long as new updates continually appear. Check back often! 


Running the Creators Updates Using the Media Creation Tool / Update Assistant

Microsoft offers a tool to help reinstall Windows 10 completely and also upgrade computers to the latest version of Windows 10. This can be downloaded & ran from the desktop as an application or burned to DVD or made into a bootable flash drive. I recommend this method for large updates if you have the tools & tech skill available to you. For more info and instructions on the Media Creation Tool go here:


Tips and Advice

While many clients have opted to stay on windows 7 or 8 based computers, going forward this isn’t an option as those operating systems will cease to be supported. Unless you buy a used/refurbished computer, you can no longer get a PC without Windows 10 on it.

What about Mac or Linux? Mac has its own set of issues such as being very expensive to purchase/repair and the limited support life of products. Linux is great for many things but lacks any popular software support such as Microsoft Office, Photoshop, QuickBooks, Outlook etc.

If you’re going to run Windows 10 then learn about it. Read about it. Get educated about it. Get proactive with your files and software. This isn’t 2002 When you had Windows XP and “just set it and forget it”. Its quite opposite as devices and software change exponentially today with or without you.

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Need Help?

Special Touch Computer Repair provides computer service and sales for all computer brands, makes and models. Networking, Backups, Email Support, Microsoft Office, Outlook, Wi-Fi, Printers and more. We provide service in our office or we can come to your home or office. We always provide a free diagnosis prior to any repairs. And for business owners we require no long-term contract.

Give us a call today (402) 812-5130 for any Windows 10 problems or other computer issues. Mention this post for $10.00 off your next service with us!



Use any information, tips, tricks & links at your own discretion. Special Touch Computer Repair is not responsible for any issues caused to your computer. Articles, links, dates and info subject to change without notice.

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