Are You Ready to E-Learn?

March 17, 2020

Are You Ready to E-Learn?

Schools have long offered online courses to students. Recently, online learning has become the only method to attend classes for some. Is you or your child’s computer the weak link keeping you or them from being an excellent student?

Successful remote schooling requires high speed internet access and a computer that can multi-task and operate advanced applications and programs. Having an inadequate, obsolete or ill-functioning computer will cost you money and time. Invest in the care and maintenance of your computer before it breaks. Also, be sure your computer is capable of tasks and won’t hold you back.

We provide free PC health checks and sell refurbished computers. We can help you prepare your current computer for the tasks ahead or help you find a suitable computer replacement. We can even transfer all your files and applications from one computer to the other with no issues. Regardless of your level of computer proficiency, we can help prepare you or your child with an adequate computer to attend classes remotely without pesky disruptions.

Have questions? Call, email or stop in and let’s chat. We have the experience in dealing with schools and colleges. We understand what your computer needs are & we can help make it easy for you.

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