Speed Up & Clean Up Your Computer Only $69.00

March 17, 2020

Speed Up & Clean Up Your Computer 

Going to be working from home or taking online classes? Don’t waste your time with a slow and out of date computer. Let’s get your computer back into shape now!


  • Checking for & removing viruses, Malware & related.
  • Testing key components for pre-failure symptoms.
  • Optimizing software and various settings to increase start up time and boost overall system performance.

Need more help? Contact us about our full range of computer services & sales and our mobile service that comes directly to your home or office. No job is too small or too large. We have the experience, resources and flexibility to help with all your IT related needs.

Call (402) 812-5130 now or bring your computer into our Omaha office just off 84th & L. St. in Omaha.

*Offer is Valid for most Mac or Windows based Laptop or Desktop.
*Service Price Regularly: $89.00
*Limited Time Service Offer Price: $69.00

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