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As of September 14th, 2020 we have moved our 84th Street location to: 2529 S. 132nd St. Omaha, NE 68144. This is the NE corner of Center and 132nd St. Just North of CVS Pharmacy, between the Soccer store and Lighthouse Bar & Grill in Orchard Plaza. This is directly across the street from Bucky’s Gas Station. Our phone number, business hours, email address, website address and all other contact information are unchanged. Come visit us at our new office!

Have a questions? Feel free to call or text us at (402) 812-5130. Thank you!




Who Is Special Touch Computer Repair?

Special Touch Computer Repair has been serving the Omaha & surrounding area since 2010. We provide computer service and repair both in shop and on location. We also sell refurbished  computers in our Omaha office. We pride ourselves on not just doing a great job but getting to know our customers and building long term relationships with every single one.

Why Do We Do This?

One of the many reasons the technicians at Special Touch Computer Repair enjoy their job so much is the problem solving involved. Its always challenging and fun to uncover problems and find the solutions to them. Seeing our customers excitement knowing they no longer are facing a large bill to replace the computer or software and instead are saving both time and money with the repairs we provide. In addition to the repair, the recovery of priceless files and applications is always of utmost priority for our team. We listen to our clients and understand what their goals are for repairing a broken computer. We always strive to exhaust all reasonable options when recovering sensitive files, saving expensive hardware and applying our repair techniques.

Who Do We Help?

We service both home and business users alike. Single users and large company’s. No client is too small or not “large enough” for our service. Our main office is located just off 84th and L St. in Omaha, Nebraska. We have a mobile technician team that will travel to your home or office if requested. No matter the scale of the project we have the resources and experience to handle it. Our team is very experienced and can handle even the biggest problems in a hurry. We always give each client our honest opinions, whether that means repairing, replacing or doing nothing, we will always tell you straight up the best options for your situation. We have many parts on hand and refurbished computers all ready to go. We understand that no one wants to be without a computer for extended periods of time. We aim to complete our work in the least amount of time as possible while still allowing us to do an excellent job for you.

Special Touch Computer Repair takes a real joy in reading the feedback many clients leave us on sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook. We strive to make sure everyone who we help has a great experience with us. Sometimes losing important files, electrical shorts and water spills are permanent and there are no ways to fix it. This can be emotionally devastating to people. We will still take the time to review and discuss numerous backup and protection options so the next time you are proactively protected from future disasters.

Whether your computer is primarily used for school, work or home, we will listen & understand your repair goal. Saving email contacts, storing lots of photos, going faster and running payroll for your business. We have the experience to help you and best of all we will speak to you in a language you can understand. We know you are already frustrated and stressed with a malfunctioning computer. We will listen to you, reassure you and help you. While having a broken computer is new to you, this is all we do. You are in good hands.

Contact Us

Looking for a reputable computer service shop in the Omaha & surrounding area? Give us a call or stop in. We’re open 6 days a week. Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 4pm. Again, we provide free, general diagnostics. This diagnostic is no obligation so you have nothing to lose but the time to to visit or call. Remember we will send a qualified service technician to your home or office. So what are you waiting for. Call us today (402) 812-5130.


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